'Engaging Students in a Research Intensive Environment'


A word from Professor Wyn Morgan, the Pro Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching:

This conference seeks to explore what we mean by ‘engagement’ in the context of our research-intensive environment, and consider ways of involving students not only in the learning process but also in the wider learning community of this university. As an institution that brings together world-leading research and high-quality teaching, we are well-placed to utilise our expertise in a wide range of processes, models and frameworks to provide learning experiences that will inspire our students and foster collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Successful research is often the result of an ongoing process of dialogue, experimentation and inquiry, and it is this approach that we need to harness to help students take ownership of their learning and become integral to our university community. This could include:
  • Drawing on techniques of inquiry at all stages of the curriculum to enable students to shape their learning in a way that enthuses, inspires and excites them
  • Fostering creativity, challenge and experimentation by developing students as active participants within a research-intensive learning community
  • Developing genuine collaborations between students and teachers to design learning experiences both within and across disciplines
  • Bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other through the sharing of experiences
  • Adopting an outward-facing ethos as part of the curriculum which encourages students to work with communities beyond the University to create innovative solutions to real-world problems
  • Supporting students to become confident, independent and self-directed learners
The focus of this event therefore goes further than incorporating research findings or using innovative techniques in individual teaching sessions. Drawing on our experience of collaboration, creativity and inquiry as a research-intensive institution to inform our curriculum design and teaching practice will enable us to inspire the next generation of scholars, leaders and entrepreneurs."

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